How to get any girl you like

Without Talking – I Still Attract Women – How?

Without Talking – I Still Attract Women – How?


        This is one of list post in how to get any girl to like you.  Get acquainted with women in many ways, but as the case that we do so to apply effectively. Not always women also acquainted with the exposure start chatting right that many observant girl likes to be approached by a different route. Here are some ways to make the first impression you attract women without having to speak directly, but sometimes this way also makes women automatically to talk to you.


The first is the secret of seducing women with eyes:

     The eyes are the windows of the soul, the eyes tell a lot more than all the words to say, so the user’s eyes to attract women is an important skill. When you see a woman you are interested please give her warm eyes and soft smile friendliest.


     To do this I will show you ways to exercise as follows: First, you should stand in front of the mirror to look at her eyes and smiled combine facial view was not friendly and warm. You try to take a deep breath and exhale simultaneously watch star smile. I guess it is more efficient, you do always go. In addition to exercise your eyes you know laugh.

Atrack woman from the people around:

     Why has this approach because: Psychology girls or listen and trust people around you live rather than listen from you. So implementing this approach in any way? Please attention to others, can talk or laugh joking with those around her but did not speak to her. A girl who will want to get acquainted with the guy have more people interested by curiosity.


Do not use banter:


     We are in the approach women without talking is not it. So we’re going to face size, however this method is only suitable for certain places and certain space like party, party … fun places not used in solemn silence. It was the gesture of the eyes, lips, tongue, face … you’ll make her laugh … and she was ready.


Attract women with body language:


     First you need to remember this: Even in ancient times, the era of the internet or fitness has always been considered important things, by the instinct of women want a healthy man with a powerful straight gait can protect her. I do not have to remind you to go to the gym now that exercise can improve gait so healthy confidence. Add a deeper reason that women want their children healthy so they will choose healthy man.


Attractive woman through acquaintance:


     This method is similar to your attention or talk with people around and then talk to her longer but this way is that you need to familiarize yourself with friends or relatives that they will carve her gender refer you to her. But longer this way, detour, but really effective.


Attractive woman by yourself:


     This is how requires time just like you would attract the girls where you work because you had to work very well, handsome. You find out what she likes and do you learn to do good, this will attract girls to familiarize you automatically.

Wish you success!