How to get any girl you like

How to successfully talk with women

How to successfully talk with women

     One more important issue: how to get any girl to like you … is how to successfully talk with women. Each hobbyists and different personalities, they also have different ways to talk. Each situation places and situations are also different ways to talk, not always the same. In this article I want to show you how to talk to women when they first met, it has been proven to be effective.


 Most popular talking wrong:

    When meeting a girl you like, you probably want to understand  her, the boys usually impatient always immediately asked his name, work, hobbies … that’s the normal way but the real effect is not high. The majority of the girls do not want to be tortured like that.


The best way is that you do not ask her too much, ask the questions that she feels she has value and is something, especially you can not forget the fun attitude humor. Example: beautiful girl has to do not so model? She smiled and replied s`e tell you her job.

Right approach:

Be ready to pose fun, joking a lot, not always a joke but always a smile on his lips.


The story you tell is an open topic can develop many other things, the first question you asked as she wanted to hear 3rd 2nd question and so everything will be fine. Remember you love fishing, the solution to the heart rather than the brain.


Progress to the next step:

If you do a few things on here, then you can start to the second step is to find out more about her man.

You can ask questions such as: Do you do the little money but passion or not? This question will help you know the part she had feelings like more money or not.


    Or add a sentence such as: E likes to travel in where? Results will know the answer she was living as easily open or closed. If she likes to hang out in places luxury high cost, you pay extra attention her face you know she wants the money to go out from the start: from her own money or money from people for the future husband her. You’ll understand her more open and available to this step screen of your phone and ask if you want to follow up with her.

Good luck.