How to get any girl you like

How to know a gilr or a women want you than your friend

    This is one more post about how to get any girl to like you or how to make girls want you, you can think whaterver the same.

     Do you have any good friends? Do  you and your friend ever both met a girl, and talk, and you have to ask yourself that she noticed you or your friend yet? My guess is yes! Is not so much just talking or smiling eyes that she likes you or liked guy, there are some ways to know that I will be following you, this is the scientific evidence about language the body has been proven, you should know in order to win her heart.


Who is she talking regularly:

     This is common sense and the most recognizable. In the first meeting between her with you and your friends in a club or bar, she’s talking to someone more when they both suggested asking speak. However, if the 2nd 3rd meeting, the one she talked to did not have to be more decisive. You should keep reading:



She is looking forward to you?

     Here is some knowledge about body language, which is the direction she sat include: her whole body toward one more oriented towards her feet one more and the number of times she turned to face towards you or your friend more. You just need a little more notice so you might have the answer somewhat. Please read on:




     Exposure can say body language is most revealed she is looking at someone, collisions are more powerful expression every word. A light on the shoulder or hand and that’s your signal a green light tells you she’s being noticed and that you take the next step further. If she just smiles and does not clash with her you may have spent your attention to the other guy.



She left, and when she turned around to?

     In clubs or bars, after a period of time chatting to her need arose probably go get some drinks and watch for when she came back with who? It was a small gesture not everyone is aware of, but it’s really important to say she likes someone.



Not to lose the friendship:

     I want to put this to the end because I do not want you to lose your friendship to a girl. Be honest with yourself, after examining the signals on you know you should continue or stop and find another girl. This saves you time and love you be secure.


It is somethings about how to know a girl or a women want you than your friend

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