How to get any girl you like

Easy Pick Up a Girl at the Mall

Easy Pick Up a Girl at the Mall is a one of many post how to get any girl to like you.




This is a preparation for the job most effectively used. Sweating school sports, less bloodshed battlefield. You need some attention following: demeanor, gait, smile and little understanding of fashion. These things you absolutely can open the computer to google and search for some basic information about the current fashion, your gait and exercise your smile in the mirror or on the road, will not take much of your time.

The effective approach:


There are two cases:

-You Go alone without allies, then you should move on from behind the selected item to pretend like something then turned to consult with her to talk. Or you go to the left or to the right in the same way but remember to ask brief and show attention to the item you choose.

– You have other people come along, let your teammates appear before and select items similar to the items she selected, then a moment you came out and asked her for the item and a brief talk.


Start with a story opens:

How comfortable the girl is making her laugh. After the first question on the item you choose, ask her next question really funny example: this big shop if he stole a shirt, the shop owner did not know me, right? Remember you need to smile more, your smile will entail her smile. The conversation will be a lot easier.




No long-winded:

You remember you are  shopping, not cafes so you can not talk long. Talk to her a few words of humor and your common talk and she is the same like the colorful T-shirts. Finally it is the reasons for her phone number.


Ask for phone number:

Your reason is your excuse and she liked the same stuff, because you know you would like to score a few items where there was and would recommend it to her on another occasion. Please enter the number on the screen available and gave her to her job for you is actually the easiest possible. She finished typing as you have success and make her message immediately let her miss you. You can read: How to get any girl to like you only via text messenger


Good luck!